Solar balloon terminology and basic info

So after posting my first DIY article a few days ago I got a response from one individual who asked my about some of the terminology that I used. As a reply to that person and as a public service of sorts today I decided to share some of the terminology used by solar balloonists.

Solar balloon terminology

There’s basically 4 expressions that you need to know in order to get started with solar balloons. Two of them I already mentioned. Here they all are in order:

Mouth – this one should be pretty self-explanatory. A mouth, when talking about solar balloons, is the opening where air goes into the balloon.

Envelope – an envelope is basically a term for the balloon body. They can be different sizes. They are not always rounded. Lots of different shapes of balloons exist. That’s the reason why people came up with the term envelope when referring to the balloon body.

Tetroon – tetroon is short for tetrahedral balloon. In other words it’s a balloon that have 4 sides. Remember I said that not all balloons are round. Well the expression tetroon was coined to cover balloons which are square in design.

Superheat – superheat is the expression used to describe air inside the balloon, or as we can now call it, the envelope. Air is heated by the Sun and provides lift for the balloon because of that whole warm air is lighter than cold air paradigm.

I can’t think of anything else to add to this list. Like I already pointed out several times, hot air balloons aren’t really that difficult to grasp. Let me know if you would like something else explained.