DIY solar balloons with trash bags

You won’t need a lot of preparation in order to start creating solar balloons. In fact, the only things that you’ll need you probably already own. Two things you’ll need, a trash bag and a piece of string. Oh, let’s not forget about the most important part of the equation, a warm and sunny day. You can’t have much of a solar balloon on a cold and cloudy winter day unfortunately.

DIY solar balloon with trash bags

First thing that you need is to load up the trash bag with air. Easiest way of how to do that is by opening up it’s mouth all the way and running around or just spinning in place a couple of times while holding the bag mouth open.

After that bag is full, close the mouth and wrap a string around it. Use a longer string, depending how high you want the balloon to go. Note that if you don’t put a string on, the balloon is going to fly off. Next just leave the balloon out on the Sun. It shouldn’t take long to see lift off, half an hour tops. Single trash bag is a good start to get a taste for solar balloons. After that you might want to look into piecing together multiple trash bags for larger solar envelopes.