Solar balloon terminology and basic info

So after posting my first DIY article a few days ago I got a response from one individual who asked my about some of the terminology that I used. As a reply to that person and as a public service of sorts today I decided to share some of the terminology used by solar balloonists.

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DIY solar balloons with trash bags

You won’t need a lot of preparation in order to start creating solar balloons. In fact, the only things that you’ll need you probably already own. Two things you’ll need, a trash bag and a piece of string. Oh, let’s not forget about the most important part of the equation, a warm and sunny day. You can’t have much of a solar balloon on a cold and cloudy winter day unfortunately.

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Is solar balloon just like hot air balloon?

Many people when reading about solar balloons come to a conclusion that solar balloons are basically the same as hot air balloons. I also started thinking they are the same thing when first hearing about solar balloons all those years ago. Truth is solar balloon are basically the same as hot air balloons, but there are some differences between the two.

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