Hi there, my name is Kylie Thomas and I’m the gal behind this website. I live in California with my daughter Jenny and our two pups, Rufus and Bogs. This is a website where I will be talking about solar balloons. They are a love of mine for quite some time now.

Initially I got into solar balloons through playing with my daughter. It started off with kites. Then I got hooked on solar balloons because they are a lot of fun to play, there’s an educational component to them and let’s not forget that they are very cheap to make. On this website I plan on writing about my experiments with solar balloons, DIY projects, share photos/videos of interesting balloon designs, etc. It’s a simple website for a simple hobby. Hope you like it and that what you see here gets you hooked on solar balloons. We need more solar balloon enthusiasts spreading the solar balloon joy out there.